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Stainless Steel Pitons

After a number of tests, examination of in-situ pitons and discussion with other climbers we have decided to withdraw these from the market.

We feel that corrosion resistant pitons will give climbers a false impression of strength and reliability when other factors such as erosion and rock movement render all fixed equipment of this type potentially unsafe.

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Sometimes called rivets these are what we use for aiding featureless sections when we are bolting from below in caves or longer routes where top access is impractical.
Easily removed, cheap and requiring a very small (6mm) hole they can generally be re-used , require no hanger and only leave an inconspicuous 6mm hole in the rock. Despite their small size they have surprising radial strength, holding around 7kN in limestone and up to 14kN in granite, we have even fallen on them!
The hole is drilled with a ca 15% down angle and the stud lightly driven in.

Not to be used as protection bolts- the axial (pull-out) strength is very low!

We supply these in two lengths, 25 and 30mm for hard and soft rock respectively but usually use the 25mm model for good limestone.
Note. The 13mm eye takes most karabiners except some forged T section models.

AISI 304 (A2) Stainless Steel

6mm hole
13mm eye.

Order Code             Description                                                     Price
[ST6-25]                 25mm length 6mm material                              €1.50
[ST6-30]                 30mm length 6mm material                              €1.60