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Glue and Glue Guns

All Bolt Products are designed and tested for use with polyester glue and achieve exceptional results.

This is the most economical high performance construction glue available and all our tests and certification is carried out using this .

Our twisted leg bolts are tested and certified for use with quick-setting cement, polyester, vinylester, epoxyacrylate and epoxy grout systems.

If using quick setting cement please note it must cure for at least 6 days to achieve the requirements of EN959.

We do not recommend the use of glass ampoule systems as sufficient rotation of the bolt is hard to achieve.

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Glue Quantities.

We can naturally give the theoretical requirements for a bolt/hole combination but additional to this there is the wastage priming the mixer nozzles, nozzle change, the excess per hole, the glue on your hands, clothes, hair etc, and other wastages. For example;- our standard 6mm x 80mm bolt theoretically needs 5,7 ml of glue, in practice we get around 25 to 30 bolts per 380ml cartridge which works out at 12 to 15ml per bolt, mainly depending on whether we used a complete tube in one session or had to change nozzles.
As a rough guide:-
6 x 80mm bolt - 25-30 per cartridge
6 x 100 23
6 x 150 20
8 x 80 20
8x 100 17
8x 150 15
Visit Bolting Information for much more detailed information on gluing and how to go about it.


Epoxyacrylate Glue

From our own experience and customer feedback we recommend the use of  epoxyacrylate as the best long-term glue system at a reasonable price. Not to be confused with "real" epoxy this glue system has considerable advantages over polyester, in particular better water resistance as well as higher strength. For more information on glues see Bolting Information

This cartridge fits standard 380/400ml coaxial frame guns as listed below, NOT a normal silicone pistol.

Order Code           Description                                                       Price
[BEG 400]             400ml Epoxyacrylate Adhesive (per tube)         €15,60



Extra mixer nozzles for the above. Supplied singly or in packs of 10.

Order Code           Description                                                        Price
[MN380]               Mixer Nozzle for 380/400ml cartridge                          €1,30ea
Pack of 10 for €11,00


A robust, good quality gun at a reasonable price.
Suits all of this type of coaxial 380/400ml coaxial cartridge resins.

Order Code           Description                                                       Price
[IG380]                 380ml Injection Gun                                          €25.00

To achieve the maximum holding power of a bolt it is essential to clean the hole of dust. Cleaning brushes and blower can be found at Accesories

For tests of various cleaning standards visit Strength and Tests