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Hole cleaning brushes and blowers are essential for goood bolt placement.

Failing to clean the hole properly can lead to massive reductions in holding power, whether it is glue or bolt-ins. For a test of this look at Strength and Tests

Core Drills- these are specially imported diamond core drills for drilling out old bolt stubs to allow new bolts to be fitted.

As you can see they are expensive, but they do the job where nothing else will.


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Hole Cleaning Pump

To achieve the maximum holding power of a bolt it is essential to clean the hole of dust. This handy little pump is the best we have found and at an affordable price. Double action (pump on both in and out stroke), robust and has a hundred other uses, air beds, inflatable dolls, balloons etc.
Supplied with plastic tube for 10mm + holes and shrink tube for a secure connection.
Made in the EU.
Size. 50mm dia X 245mm long as illustrated. Colour may vary.

Order Code           Description                                                       Price
[P1]                       Hole Cleaning Pump                                          €2,99

Hole Cleaning Brushes

Essential for cleaning out the drill hole these brushes are specially made for this purpose, two sizes 13mm and 18mm.

Order Code           Description                                                        Price
[BR13]                  13mm Hole Brush                                              €3,50
[BR18]                  18mm Hole Brush                                              €3,50

Core Drills

The only effective way to remove old bolt stubs and leave a usable hole, these are the highest specification sintered diamond core drills in the world with a life 20X longer than electroplated drills.(electroplated drills have a single layer of diamonds held in place by electroplating, sintered drills have a metal/diamond matrix bonded to the drill under high pressure and temperature).

With a 2mm wall thickness these are the only suitable drill we can find for drilling up to 9,5 Mohr hardness for drilling quartz, granite, sandstone etc, normal electroplated drills are for use up to 5 Mohr and cannot drill ultra-hard materials.

These drills drill to a depth of 76mm, suitable for nearly all older bolt systems (most "normal" core drills only go to ca 50mm). Longer drills are available if required- please contact us for details.

Made in America for use with a hand held drill they require some water cooling, the normal high pressure centre feed is totally impractical and we supply an external feed adaptor which fits onto a standard drill handle and depth guage. This is supplied with water from a pump-up garden spray.

After the bolt is removed the drill hole must be re-drilled with a normal tipped drill to roughen the surface as these core drills leave a rather smooth hole and also are imperial dimensioned though for glue-ins this is irrelevant.

We normally keep three sizes in stock to suit the most common bolts you will meet but can order other sizes if required,

We operate a hire scheme if you are re-equipping with Bolt-Products bolts, this includes a battery powered angle grinder for hanger or eye removal if required.

These are only to be used in rotary drilling NOT hammer action.

Drills are supplied complete with an adaptor to fit a standard 1/2"/13mm chuck.

If your drill has only SDS you will need an SDS adaptor and normal drill chuck to fit these core bits. These are available in all good tool shops.

Order Code           Description                                                                                                           Price
[CD10]                  Core drill to suit 3/8" or 10mm bolts (10,28mm I/D, 14,28mm O/D)                      P.o.a.                        
[CD12]                  Core drill to suit 1/2" or 12mm bolts (12,93mm I/D, 16,93mm O/D)                      P.o.a

[CD16)                  Core drill to suit 5/8" or 16mm bolts (18,22mm I/D, 22,22mm O/D)                      P.o.a

For hire charges please contact us.

Water cooling adaptor kit.

The only way to get good drilling performance and essential for acceptable drill life.

Fits onto the handle and depth guage of your drill and directs a controllable water spray onto the drill.

For use with any pump-up garden sprayer.

Order Code           Description                                                                                                           Price

[WCA1]                Water cooling adaptor kit.                                                                                     €18,50