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At Bolt Products we don´t just sell bolts.

We like to see routes equipped to the highest possible standards and are always ready with advice, technical infomation and much more.



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Technical Assistance

We have extensive experience in bolting complete areas from new, testing in-situ anchors and replacement and upgrading of older anchor systems and we will be pleased to help you with your project.
Our comprehensive database of rock types and tests and our experience can help you decide what system is most suitable for you. Feel free to contact us, preferably by E-mail, to discuss your requirements.
We can also design and manufacture custom made bolts to your specifications where our normal range is not suitable and welcome your enquiries.

Seminars and Testing.
We have an on-going program of seminars where we introduce the various types of bolts and demonstrate their installation and testing. We can also test the existing rock anchor systems already in place to help developers and re-equippers obtain a clearer view of what is effective in their area.
These seminars and testing programs help us obtain valuable information, not only on different rock types and effective anchoring systems but also customer preferences and difficulties.
If you would like to participate in one of these seminars or your club or group would be interested in organising one then please contact us.

Custom Equipment and Product Development
Our experience in forming, bending and custom fabrication, along with our contacts in the stainless steel industry could help you realise your project. Whether it is a simple piece of bent rod or a complex water jet cut and certified welded fabrication we can probably help with the design, testing and manufacturing so why not contact us with an outline of your idea.

Professional Bolting Services.
We have an experienced team of developers with thousands of routes established and can supply a complete cliff development package from route setting and bolting to access path construction.
If your organisation has a cliff that you would like to see equipped, or needs bringing up to modern standards and lack the nescessary expertise or qualified personnel we would be pleased to make a feasability study and quote for the work to be done.